Longing for God

Celebration of Discipline


Hailed by many as the best modern book on Christian spirituality, Celebration of Discipline explores the “classic Disciplines,” or central spiritual practices, of the Christian faith. Along the way, Foster shows that it is only by and through these practices that the true path to spiritual growth can be found. Dividing the Disciplines into three movements of the Spirit, Foster shows how each of these areas contribute to a balanced spiritual life. The inward Disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, and study, offer avenues of personal examination and change. The outward Disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission, and service, help prepare us to make the world a better place. The corporate Disciplines of confession, worship, guidance, and celebration, bring us nearer to one another and to God. HarperOne, hardcover.  Celebration of Discipline Study Guide (HarperOne, softcover) and the Celebration of Discipline – Unabridged CD (ChristianAudio) are resources designed to delve further into the text.  Celebration of Discipine (Wipf & Stock Pubishers, softcover) also available in Spanish.

Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home


Richard J. Foster offers a warm, compelling, and sensitive primer on prayer, helping us to understand, experience, and practice it in its many forms-from the simple prayer of beginning again to unceasing prayer. He clarifies the prayer process, answers common misconceptions, and shows the way into prayers of contemplation, healing, blessing, forgiveness, and rest. Coming to prayer is like coming home, Foster says. He shows how prayer can move us inward into personal transformation, upward toward intimacy with God, and outward to minister to others. He leads us beyond questions to a deeper understanding and practice of prayer, bringing us closer to God, to ourselves, and to our community.  HarperOne, hardcover.  Also available in Unabridged CD (ChristianAudio) & Spanish (Wipf & Stock Publishers).

The Challenge of the Discipined Life


The Challenge of the Disciplined Life explores the three great ethical themes crucial to people of faith living faithfully. Drawing upon practical examples, Richard J. Foster guides the reader in day-to-day ethical decision making while helping each of us determine “the proper place in Christian life of money, sex, and power.” “The author’s words on how giving can bring authenticity and vitality to a devotional experience are important to hear in this day in which once again there is increased emphasis on spiritual formation and devotional exercises” – The Christian Century. HarperOne, softcover.

Celebrating the Disciplines


In this practical combination journal-workbook that accompanies Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, Foster and Kathryn Helmers help readers find new ways to reflect on, experience, and integrate the Disciplines into their lives. Designed for use by individuals and groups, this interactive resource features spiritual reflections, journaling questions, and exercises for one full year. HarperOne, softcover.

Streams of Living Water


In Streams of Living Water, Richard J. Foster examines six dimensions of faith and practice that define Christian tradition and comprise our foundation of belief. He lifts up the enduring character of each “stream”—Contemplative: The Prayer-Filled Life; Holiness: The Virtuous Life ; Charismatic: The Spirit-Empowered Life; Social Justice: The Compassionate Life; Evangelical: The Word-Centered Life; and Incarnational: The Sacramental Life—in the midst of constantly evolving faith and shows how a variety of practices, from individual study and retreat to disciplines of service and community, are essential elements of growth and maturity.  HarperOne, softcover.  Also available in as a video curriculum (Lifesprings Resources).

Seeking the Kingdom


Many have embarked on the path to spiritual growth through Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. For the many who are inspired to pursue the disciplines in daily life, Foster now offers these devotions for the journey of faith. Filled with key passages from many of his bestselling books, along with thoughtful reflection, Seeking the Kingdom presents Foster’s wise counsel and direction concerning the challenges and rewards of the Christian life. Covering topics such as “stillness and worship” “corporate guidance,” and “what stops us from praying?,” Foster explores the three movements of the spiritual life: the movement inward to personal transformation, the movement upward to intimacy with God, and the movement outward to minister to others. Seeking the Kingdom features key passages from Foster’s books (Celebration of Discipline, Freedom of Simplicity, The Challenge of the Disciplined Life, and PRAYER) that are tied to a key biblical passage and reflection. It serves as a wonderful devotional.  HarperOne, softcover.

Freedom of Simplicity


Written in the same warm, accessible style as Richard Foster’s best-selling Celebration of Discipline, Freedom of Simplicity articulates a creative, more human style of living and points the way for Christians to make their lives “models of simplicity.” Foster provides a way to rethink our priorities and to “seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness.” He shows us how to live in harmony with the rich complexity of life while stressing the relation of simplicity to prayer, solitude, and all the Christian Disciplines. The work considers the complexity of simplicity, looks at its biblical roots, and discusses its practice in our personal, family, church, and world arenas.  HarperOne, softcover.

Prayers from the Heart


“My whole life, in one sense, he has been an experiment in how to be a portable sanctuary,” writes Richard Foster, “learning to practice the presence of God in the midst of the stresses and strains of contemporary life.” So begins Foster’s most personal work yet, a book of prayers that seek to lead us to experience “the reality of God in the midst of going to work and raising kids and cleaning house and paying the bills.” Drawing on the structure of his awardwinning Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, Foster presents this collection of prayers according to the three aspects of the human journey: looking inward to the heart, reaching upward toward God, and moving outward to care for others. These prayers speak to moments in our days and events in our lives.  HarperOne, hardcover.

Devotional Classics

Edited by James Bryan Smith and Richard Foster, the fifty-two selections in Devotional Classics have been organized to introduce readers through the course of one year to the great devotional writers. In addition to the author’s original text, each reading features an introduction, a linked biblical passage, discussion questions, individual and group exercises, and a meditation by Richard J. Foster. Featured authors include: Augustine of Hippo, Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Catherine of Sienna, Thomas à Kempis, Catherine of Genoa, Martin Luther, and many more. The readings are organized according to the Six Traditions of Christian life and faith emphasized through Renovare: Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical, and Incarnational. HarperOne, softcover.

Spiritual Classics

From nearly two thousand years of Christian writing comes Spiritual Classics, fifty-two selections complete with a profile of each author, meditations for group and individual use, discussion questions and exercises, and a personal reflection by Richard Foster on each selection. Editors Richard Foster and Emilie Griffin also offer recommendations for further guided reading and exploration. Featured authors include: Frederick Buechner, Evelyn Underhill, G.K. Chesterton, Amy Carmichael, Hildegard of Bingen, Hannah More, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and more. HarperOne, softcover.

The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible


(Gayle Beebe, Richard J. Foster, Lynda L. Graybeal, Tom Oden, & Dallas Willard – General Editors)
Combining the depth of a study Bible with the warmth of a devotional Bible, the Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible rediscovers Scripture as a living and active text for spiritual formation.

Life with God: Reading the Bible for Spiritual Transformation


Approaching the Bible that God might use it to transform us, rather than insisting that it cater to our own needs and perspectives—this is exactly the idea behind Life with God, Richard J. Foster’s much-anticipated book on the Bible. Written with Kathryn A. Helmers, Richard claims that God has so superintended the writing of Scripture that it serves as the most reliable guide for Christian spiritual formation. The Bible is all about human life “with God.” So as we read Scripture, we should consider how exactly God is with us in each story—and allow ourselves to be spiritually transformed. By opening our whole selves—mind, body, spirit; thoughts, behavior, will—to the open page before us, as Foster and Helmers show us to do, we begin to grasp all the Bible has to teach about prayer, obedience, compassion, virtue, and grace—and apply it to our everyday lives to achieve a deeper relationship with God. With a wealth of examples and simple yet crucial insights, Life with God is an indispensable guide to approaching the Bible through the lens of Christian spiritual formation, revealing that reading the Bible for interior transformation is a far different endeavor than reading the Bible for historical knowledge, literary appreciation, or religious instruction. HarperOne, hardcover

Celebration of Discipline (Video Curriculum)

Richard Foster with Dallas Willard, Glandion Carney, Margaret Campbell, George Skramstad, and Jim Stewart. The Celebration of Discipline Video Curriculum is a 13-session group resource that includes one Leader’s Guide, two Participant’s Guides, DVD with 13 presentations, and one CD-Rom containing script and other resources. An excellent small group resource for studying Celebration of Discipline and Richard Foster’s thinking and writing. Lifesprings Resources

Streams of Living Water (Video)

Streams of Living Water is a video-based curriculum built on Richard J. Foster’s acclaimed book Streams of Living Water: Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith. It is the fourth installment of a four-part Curriculum of Christlikeness series designed to facilitate the experience of authentic transformation.  The Streams of Living Water installment will help you explore what it means to celebrate the great traditions of Christian faith emphasized by Renovare.

Celebration of Discipline (Video)

Four one-hour sessions based on Celebration of Discipline (DVD). Gateway Video.

Be Still


Be Still demonstrates contemplative reflection as a vital part of our everyday lives and as a remedy for the ills of the frenzied, fast-paced modern world. Featuring interviews with some of today’s most highly respected authors, educators, and ministers, Be Still examines the importance of silent, reflective prayer as a way to be open to receiving God’s guidance. This remarkable film also features a useful “how to” section that shows how contemplative prayer can be used by anyone at anytime to reaffirm that which is truly important. 20th Century Fox, DVD.


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